Baron Bain-Marie Elektro mit offenem Unterbau


AfG Artikelnummer: BMEV72
Modell: 70BMV/E800
Modellnummer: CR0981759
Serie: 700
Ausführung: Standgerät
Betriebsart: Elektro
Fassungsvermögen: 2 GN 1/1
Dimensions:  800 x 700 x 870 mm
Power:  6.0 kW / 400 V
Catalog price:  2.045, – €  plus VAT
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The Bain-Maries 700 series are ideal for keeping food warm at a temperature below 100 ° C. The gas version has burners with pilot flame and piezo ignition. The electric models are heated by armored radiators outside the tub. The removable front panel ensures service-friendly access. The curved shape and the ergonomically inclined gag reduce dirt deposits.

Function-specific data:
  • for keeping food warm at a temperature below 100 ° C and for very careful cooking
  • Module of 80: tub dimensions 2xGN 1/1
  • heated by armored radiators, which are mounted outside the tub
  • Regulierthermostat
About the 700 series

The Baron Serie 700 is manufactured in compliance with the strict European regulations for safety, hygiene, reliability and environmental protection. All units are certified according to international regulations, including CE, GOST, AGA and others.

In addition to the new design, the new technology and the new ergonomic shape of these devices, these are refined with stainless steel with Scotch Brite surface treatment. The extremely diverse combination options make it possible to connect the table models with ovens or base cabinets and hygienic surfaces. Other customizable combinations also result from juxtaposing and connecting devices back to back and juxtaposing with seamless connection or bridge constructions to meet every chef’s desires with sophisticated solutions.

General features of the product range:
  • pressed top plates, 2 “height-adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Pressed, removable front panel for service-friendly access, curved to prevent dirt deposits
  • ergonomic, recessed or tilted handles